Hillary Clinton on CFPB: Why would you get rid of that?

CFPB: What's going on at the federal agency? – CNNPolitics – Over the holiday weekend, a scramble over who's in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been unfolding.

What Hillary Said, and What She Didn’t Paul has summed up very well the high points of Hillary Clinton’s presser this afternoon. You can read the transcript here .

Deutsche Bank analysts expect pressure to extend HARP Deutsche Bank (DB) expects to report higher-than-expected costs in Q3. Yet, the company is focused on improving its financials by trimming expenses and cutting back on unprofitable businesses.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat presidential nominee gave a speech Thursday in Warren, Michigan, and unsurprisingly, housing was barely mentioned once again. This speech follows the

A Boss Fight at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: The Daily Show Hillary Clinton on CFPB: Why would you get rid of that. – Clinton emphasized the help the cfpb brings consumers, and questioned: "Why would you want to get rid of that?" Does Trump really want to disband the CFPB? Possibly, but that’s not exactly.

Do you realize.? Let me tell you what’s happened here. The Democrat Party has once again thrown Hillary Clinton overboard. No matter what Podesta wants. “We can’t get rid of Comey even though we’ve.

In America, we have faith that when we open up a checking account, we aren't. That's why I was deeply disturbed when, last week, we found out that. First, we need to defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Do you think it will be better for the party though if Hillary Clinton has a. to support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and to get out.

Why is this? Virtually everything that. for paying online trolls to propagandize social media on Hillary’s behalf. This led to a very strange dynamic whereby those who took the brunt of pro-Clinton.

Donald Trump will be the next president, and the American consumer may be left on their own. During the election cycle, the candidates’ views on consumer protection were buried under other more.

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The Democrats can’t get rid of the Clintons because they have become the Clintons. The media is too corrupt to do anything but lightly push Hillary in the hopes that she will step down and clear the way for Warren. The politicians will get Ready for Hillary even as they fear the revenge of the Clintons.

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 · Hillary Clinton Says Christianity Must Change To Accommodate Abortion-On-Demand (VIDEO). And why stop there? No, if Hillary gets elected in 2016, you better prepare for the blood of the unborn to run in the streets with the ferocity of a summer storm. She is every bit as evil as Obama, and perhaps even more so.