Negative equity gap nears $4 trillion

Almost five years after the stock market high, real-estate loans among 7,246 federally insured banks have fallen to $4.09 trillion. it can be a negative,” Bobrinskoy, director of research at Ariel.

million such borrowers, with a total of $4.6 trillion in available, lendable equity. That works out to an average of about $118,000 per borrower, making for the highest market total and highest average per borrower we’ve seen since 2006.

Home / Zerohedge / “Day Of Reckoning” Nears As Goldman Projects A Record $650BN In Stock Buybacks. with $1.4 trillion. "large U.S. corporations have experienced a negative net equity issuance of $3 trillion since 2009 due to share buybacks.” As a result, total U.S. corporate debt – piled on by both strong and weak hands – sits.

Suppose the government begins the year with $6 trillion of public debt. During the year, it collects taxes of $4 trillion and spends $7 trillion on transfers and government purchases of goods and services. The public debt at the end of the year is: $9 trillion.

Investors are penalizing the bank, rated one step above junk, even as the island’s municipal securities are gaining at three times the rate of the broader $3.7 trillion market. and assigned a.

Black Knight’s Mortgage Monitor: 2.2 Million Homeowners in Negative Equity, Fewest Since Early 2007; $4.6 Trillion in Tappable Equity is Within Six Percent of Peak January 09, 2017 Download PDF Format (opens in new window) PDF

The reserves touched $4 trillion just a couple of short years ago. The long-term trend is continuing as this shorter time frame chart shows: Over the near term, my expectation is that the trend.

NAR: Buyer traffic up 29% from a year ago Winter in summer: orange county home sales post worst. – In the housing market, home sales are a leading indicator as to where prices will head. The priciest county in Southern California is Orange County and it has now faced the worst start of a year since the great recession ended. sales are low. Extremely low. We have more people in the county.

Between that year and late 2011, owners lost nearly $4 trillion in real estate wealth. So the $1.3 trillion turnaround during the first nine months of 2012 was a big deal. It reflected the first sustained rebound in home prices in a long time in many – though not all – local real estate markets.

Negative equity gap nears $4 trillion The U.S. housing market contains a nearly $4 trillion-dollar negative equity hole, according to Williams Emmons, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Emmons made that statement while speaking at Housing Wire’s 2012 REthink Symposium.

Fattened by the central bank’s own largess, the earnings yield of the S&P 500 still far surpasses the payout in the bond market, with the gap between the two near the highest level. is the unwind.

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