Top Tips on Mortgages in City of Lake Dallas, Texas


Here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans, we understand how difficult it is to raise the required funds to purchase a home in Plano, owing to the soaring prices. That is why we work our fingers to the bone in order to ensure that we help our clients get the funds that they need. We work within our team with the best mortgage experts in the country, which underlines the reason why we offer high-quality services and home loans. We take great pride in being the number one private mortgage and home loan lender, which has been brought about by our award-winning services. Besides offering top-notch home loans that we are known for, we also help you to consolidate your debts as well as refinance your existing loan. Contact us today by giving us a call or use the interactive tools that are on our site. 

Conventional Home Loan 

Our conventional home loan has been able to make a name for itself in recent years amongst our clients. This is because the home loan attracts a low down payment of 3% when applying and charges low private mortgage insurance. In addition, we offer the home loan at different and flexible terms of 30, 20, 15, and 10-year mortgages, which allows you to make your choice. To cap it off, our conventional home loan attracts low-interest rates. 

FHA Home Loan 

Here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans, we are the leading FHA approved lender in Plano that you can trust. Our FHA loan is particularly popular owing to the fact that it demands a low down payment of 3.5% which is very low. In addition, the home loan attracts low-interest rates, which enables you to check on your finances. As if that is not enough, our FHA home loan has lenient guidelines that make it easy to qualify. 

VA Home Loan 

We have not left veterans behind either and that is why we offer the VA home loan. Our VA home loan has made a name for itself bearing in mind that it offers 100% financing on your home buying errands. In addition, the home loan does not charge any mortgage insurance costs. As if that is not enough, our VA home loan charges low closing costs and is very easy to quality due to its lenient requirements. 

USDA Home Loan 

It is important to note from the onset that we here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans do offer the USDA home loan. What makes our USDA loan to stand out is that it offers 100% financing while charging low-interest rates and mortgage insurance. In addition, we do not demand any down payment when you are applying for our USDA home loan. 

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