Top Tips on Mortgages in City of Princeton, Texas


Over the last 17 years,  we here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans have been in the lending scene in Plano. This underlines our commitment to offering our clients the funds that they need in order to actualize their American dream. We offer multiple home loans at low rates, as we understand how difficult it is to raise the funds to purchase a home in Plano, owing to the soaring prices of properties. Besides offering you top-notch home loans, we do also help you to consolidate your debts or refinance your existing loan. We work with mortgage experts in the country, who work their fingers to the bone in order to ensure that we meet your demands to the core. Dial our contacts today or utilize interactive tools on our site to contact us, and we will do all the hard work. 

Conventional Home Loan 

In case you need a home loan that has flexible terms, then our conventional home loan is ideal for you. This is because we offer the loan in terms of 30, 20, 15, and 10-year mortgage which allows you to choose. In addition, the home loan demands a low down payment of 3% and charges low private mortgage insurance. On the same wavelength, our conventional loan attracts low-interest rates and does not charge any lender fees. 

FHA Home Loan 

Do you have bad credit and you do not know the home loan to apply for? If yes then our FHA home loan is the ideal loan that you need to apply. This is because the home loan has lenient guidelines and demands a low down payment of 3.5%. In addition, our FHA loan attracts low-interest rates which make it one of the most affordable home loans that we offer. It is important to note that our FHA loan provides for rehab loans. 

VA Home Loan 

Are you a veteran who has been trying to apply for a home loan? If yes then our VA home loan is specifically tailored for you. What makes our VA loan stand out is its 100% financing and the low rates and closing costs that it attracts. In addition, the home loan does not charge any mortgage insurance costs and is very easy to qualify to owe to its lenient requirements that you need to surpass. 

USDA Home Loan 

In case you are a low-income earner in Plano, all is not lost as you could apply for our USDA home loan. This is because the home loan does not demand any down payment and attracts low-interest rates and mortgage insurance costs. In addition, our USDA loan provides 100% financing to your home buying errands. On the same wavelength, qualifying for the USDA home loan is a walk in the park. 

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