This is why Trump’s election is causing the recent uptick in interest rates

 · But there are two clear areas where the economy has improved since Trump won the election: Sentiment is up, and business investment is up. Right or.

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 · It’s unclear why election years bring an increase in reported hate crimes, particularly in the days following the election of our last two presidents.. New York City police have one of the.

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2:40 pm ET. On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald trump blasted chairwoman Janet Yellen for keeping rates "artificially low" in order to help President Barack Obama. Just four months ago, he said he had "great respect" for the Fed chief and cautioned raising rates "would be a disaster" for the economy.

 · But that overall decline has been accompanied by some unusual growth: Gun clubs and shops that cater to black and LGBT clients say there has been an uptick in interest in firearms since November among those who fear that racial and gender-based violence could increase during Donald Trump’s presidency.

THE DAILY DONALD: — “Trump is actually doing his foundation a favor, by storing’ its portrait on his golf resort wall, his adviser says,” by David fahrenthold: trump adviser boris epshteyn offered a.

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Mortgage rates rise in aftermath of Trump election. lack of housing inventory on the market, are causing Stortz at least some concern. "I hope. Fed Chair Janet Yellen recently told Congress that the case for a rate boost has.

These years have been overwhelmed and saturated by a single figure with no political experience, who won almost 3 million fewer votes than his opponent, has had consistently lower approval numbers.

Second Presidential Debate | Election 2016 | The New York Times This is why Trump’s election is causing the recent uptick in interest rates And it’s not likely to stop anytime soon

 · But the Trump administration’s shock decision to end all sanctions waivers for Iran’s oil buyers may cause another round of gas price increases, creating a.

Mortgage rates hold tight U.S Mortgages – Rates Down Again, With More to Come IF the. – Mortgage rates fell once more in the week ending 13 th December, with 30-year fixed falling by 0.12 percentage points to a 3-month low 4.63%. The fall in 30-year fixed to 4.63%, the lowest level.